IMG_8110Second limb of yoga is the Niyamas, according to Wikipedia: Niyama (Sanskrit: नियम) means positive duties or observances. In Indian traditions, particularly Yoga, niyamas and its complement, Yamas, are recommended activities and habits for healthy living, spiritual enlightenment and liberated state of existence. 🌸🌸🌸 We unfold the lotus and continue the journey of enlightenment ✨✨✨ the practice continues evolving reminding us each and every day that it is simply a practice 🙏🏼✨✨✨…. let’s continue ➡️ #dayindayout #daybyday #presence #onlyloveisreal #patanjali #samadhi #eightlimbs #yoga #niyamas #yogaoffthemat #philosophy #lifestyle #planetearth #peace #shantipeaceproject

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APARIGRAHA – The fifth and last Yama – many times translated as non possessiveness, non hoarding. Releasing attachments 💫seems like a non easy task. Paying attention to how much we take and how much we hold on too. If we can free our space, we then allow free flow of energy and we can live in the FLOW. Allowing energy to move easily and freely ✨ creating space for whatever it is that the Universe has for us to come through. Easier said than done. Right ? Yes, this is the reminder to clean your closet that many times a year. Perhaps if we purchase three new items of clothes or whatever, we can gift or get rid of three or more. Is the idea of never taking too much – except what you need. And how about our loved ones, do we cling on to them ? Not allowing them to experience life as they wish – respecting their individual ideas and truth. How about clinging on to the idea of someone or something always being the same because you/we are used to it or have an expectation? The only thing we know is the impermanence of all things, including this post, you and me. The sooner we allow this idea of impermanence to sink in the easier and more smooth this life will be. Make no mistake, this is no easy task. Any attachments to stuff, situations or life as is must be released. A great example is in the epic The Bhagavad Gita, Krishna shares with Arjuna, the great warrior; – ” Let your concern be with action alone, and never with the fruits of action. Do not let the results of action be your motive, and do not be attached to inaction’. What Krishna is essentially saying here, is that we should never concern ourselves with the outcome of a situation, we should only concern ourselves with what we’re actually doing right now. Hummm …. intense ? You are not alone. It’s a practice. Live each day and just breathe. I leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the magnificent Sufi poet Rumi – ” Let the beauty we love be what we do.” ♥️♥️♥️ #aparigraha #yogaphilosophy #yogaoffthemat #lifestyle #yogis #rumi #bhagavadgita #shantipeaceproject #lifelongpractice #thetimeforyogaisnow #patanjali #peace

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The fourth Yama Brahmacharya ✨ Known as non excess and celibacy. Teaches us how to contain and create healthy boundaries. Can you see God in everything, as well as in yourself ? Wether you decide to live a monastic life or not, this Yama invites us to live a life of highly ethical sexual practices. Following the first three Yamas in brahmacharya we do no harm to others through our relationships or to our own Self. Knowing that at the core of each being is Atman ~ divine essence. When we harm another through our actions we harm ourselves. Sexuality can be used as a sacred holy entity or it can be a weapon of destruction. Here we learn to respect ourselves and know how to not live in excess, we learn to not act from our impulses. To see our partnerships as sacred. We cherish our body temples and our Souls and through it the act of intimacy becomes Heaven on Earth. Remember just because someone desires you, it does not mean that they value you. Act from a place of holiness and not indulgence. This is the spiritual path : it ask us to embark on the path of light and with God in all areas of our life. #bramacharya #eightlimbs #yoga #philosophy #walkingwithgod #thepathoflight #peace #love #shantipeaceproject

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ASTEYA – Non Stealing – is the third Yama of the eight limbs. In a very blunt sense yes do not steal, but like many aspects of yoga there are deeper underlying meanings. Are you stealing someone else’s light by always being the one to speak ? Can we practice the art of listening and give our loved ones the space to be who they want to be. Can we allow other people to have their own experiences without always imposing our opinions on others, which than by doing so aren’t we stealing from their own journeys of Self discovery and personal growth. On the same sense can we look at others for inspiration and yet come up with our own ways and ideas 💡 And how are we stealing time ? Are we always rushing through life ? If so take a moment to pause and smell the flowers. ASTEYA asks us to be original in the most simple sense and like all else in yoga start everything from a place of integrity. Even the things we own in this life time must be ultimately seen as impermanent like all else. As Richard Freeman says ” When practicing ASTEYA we must see things as part of an interconnected whole, and with that insight, we can release everything to be just as it is so that all may flow in its natural and true way ” #ashtangayogaeightlimbs

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SATYA – Truth- Is the second Yama of the eight limbs. Truth is the courage to be who you are without harming anyone along the way – for satya builds upon ahimsa. Truth is the courage to embrace the natural flow of life and evolution without being caught up in rigidity. We all know to trust people not by what they say but by what they do. Truth challenges us to walk your talk and teach by example. To live in truth requires us to go inside and take an inventory of who and what we are on a continuous basis. Human beings have both the need to belong in groups and a need to expand and grow. How can we honor ourselves and yet live in harmony within our groups. It requires integrity at the center of our hearts 💚 Truth rarely seems to ask the easier choice of us and yet it is so necessary on the spiritual path. Swami Satyananda says ” When a man is under tension, his behavior is influenced; and when he relaxes, he becomes natural. He knows reality, the truth. Than he also knows how to behave, because the knowledge of truth is necessary for right behavior. And knowledge of truth only comes when you are free of tension.” Yoga is a practice we do everyday and like Maya Angelou said – Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. #Satya #eightlimbs #yoga #roots #patanjali #truth #loveall #yogaoffthemat #shantipeaceproject * first Yama on previous post #yamas 📸 credit @jcstrickler3

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AHIMSA – Patanjalis Eight Limbs Of Yoga



– In Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga – The first limb : The Yamas invited us to take a look at ourselves first and foremost. To awake the divine within. Ahimsa the first of the five Yamas means non-violence / non-harming. All of the other yamas, niyamas and six other limbs are based and built upon ahimsa. So ahimsa always comes first from the physical, to the emotional and the mental – as a yogi we are asked to approach each and every situation with a loving heart. The heart of yoga teaches we are all equal , we are one. There is no separation. When we see another suffer we extend our hands. We move through this life in awareness and presence of mind, of body and spirit. Taking care of our Planet each day. Making choices which support our chosen path of yoga on and off the mat. It is often said that as we do one thing , we do everything. Gandhi was a great example of compassion , empathy and non harming. Embrace love. Learn to love deeply. Show respect to all life on Earth. Reach when others withdrawal. When you look around and everything you see is love, when you see yourself in everything and all beings violence won’t stand a chance- it disappears. Re-evaluate your choices in this big life opportunity and see in what ways you are contributing to violence in this world ? Directly or indirectly. Is anyone or any being being harmed because of your existence? if so Patanjali asks us to re-evaluate and as yogis we have the responsibility to raise above and learn from our mistakes – to use this life as a canvas for your masterpiece. May we all be inspired by Ahimsa and all the eight limbs of this magnificent practice #YOGA may we live in light ✨ may we live in love. These next weeks I will explore the eight limbs of yoga – I hope you can join me on the path of light ✨✨ unfolding each limb through the mystery of life as is … #patanjali #ahimsa #yoga #planetearth #plants #donoharm #loveallanimals #loveall #practice #forgive 🙏🏼☀️💛 #planetearth #shantipeaceproject

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Low-Back Pain & Yoga

An estimated 31 million Americans experience low-back pain at any given time. I have suffered from lower back pain this past year and it hasn’t been easy. I see so many of my yoga students suffering from back / lower back pain. As do many people in the world. I do not believe all yoga is recommended!  However, with the right postures (asanas) right yoga sequence, correct breathing, a lot of patience – practicing a more gentle yoga can and is so helpful. What has really worked for me, besides certain yoga sequences and poses, is pilates – mat pilates with the right teacher, as well as fundamentals with the reformer (pilates) with lot’s of modifications. The experience of loosing access to deeper yoga backbends has been extremely humbling for me, and yet also a tremendous learning experience. Activities with high impact – anything which has to do with jumps – increases the discomfort and pain. So I try to stay away from those. Practicing each day in Satya (Truth) and with Ahimsa ( non-violence) in the present moment is my intention each and every day. The alternative of not participating in physical activities of any sort … yoga, pilates, included – has shown me not to be at all the right path, for the pain and discomfort increases tremendously – in my experience it actually will worse the condition. Besides the right yoga with a good teacher who knows how to modify and pilates – acupuncture and cupping are my go to, and certain types of deep massages – focusing on creating freedom by breaking scar tissues – although painful it can be very alleviating post treatment. If you are someone who suffers from any chronic pain – I hope this articles serves you! If you know anyone please share <3  Love & Light
A few interesting facts about back pain:
Low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide, according to the Global Burden of Disease 2010.
Back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work.  In fact, back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office, outnumbered only by upper-respiratory infections.
One-half of all working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year.2
Experts estimate that as much as 80% of the population will experience a back problem at some time in their lives.3
Most cases of back pain are mechanical or non-organic—meaning they are not caused by serious conditions, such as inflammatory arthritis, infection, fracture or cancer.
Americans spend at least $50 billion each year on back pain—and that’s just for the more easily identified costs.
Check out this NPR article :
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Full Moon In Capricorn! Hold Your Horses


Happy Full Moon Earthlings! In this Capricorn & Cancer Full Moon 💥💥You are more in touch with your feelings and so are many around you. Relationships can be intense during this time and so can be the power of manifesting your dreams. What a wonderful thing when our hearts beats! For what other thing makes us feel more alive on this Planet? Love & emotions wakes us up ! They can be wonderful. We want to feel! We do not want to feel numb – for that feels empty. With that said during this time hold your horses because chances are they might want to run wild! Feel the feelings and yet remain grounded. Write the letter, email or text and hold on to it for a week or two. Be patient with your loved ones, partners & family. Remember they too are here to learn. This capricorn full moon invites us to go inside and believe in ourselves. Follow your dreams! This moon promises to aid us in the steps we take – take action in what you believe to be true. You take one step towards your goal and this full moon will take two more steps in the same direction to manifest your dreams and visions. Yet, do not forget to remain grounded as you move forward. Practice patience towards yourself and others. Do not hurt anyone along the way to your dreams. They too have dreams and you may just be the biggest part of theirs. So be kind and be gentle. Allow this full moon energy to guide you to your mountain top and don’t ever forget the ones you love. During this time you are going to be even more blessed in relationships. If you find the partner you are looking for it will give you emotional freedom as a result. Therefore that frees you up to now focus on other things in your life.  Join Us for a powerful eclipse series moon ritual workshop @rawrepublicjuice with @lovebasedmedicine & I next Wed 🌕 All Levels Welcome ☀️ To sign up email or call 504-324-8234 | #WeAreBack  #manifestation #yoga #acupuncture #meditation #shifting #energy #letgo #createspace #love #equilibrium #balance #neworleans #workshops #moonrituals #capricornfullmoon  #powerful #fullmoon

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Happy Cancer New Moon In Summer Solstice Season Earthlings!


Divine Beings Of Light!

This new moon is incredibly magical, happening post Summer Solstice – the days are longer now. Here we celebrate The Sun. This is the time of the year when Shakespeare wrote Midnight Summer Dreams – one of my favorite pieces. In this new Summer Solstice cycle we celebrate the light within. The sun represents our inner light, happiness, source and love. This new moon is in Cancer – the element is water.
We are invited to connect with our deep emotions, feelings and spirituality. In yogic context – we connect with the third kosha – the Manomaya Kosha – we dive into our emotional body. Everything is vibration. If we duel on our emotions and get attached to the drama, we risk clogging your energy pools – the chakras.
Water flows, allowing energy to be continuous. Cleansing our chakras is as essential as taking a bath. Not holding on too tight to anything which no longer serves us and yet this new moon in Cancer also invites us to connect to our emotions – not shy away from them and acknowledge them as a part of who we are – at least in this present moment – feel the feelings and then continue to take deep breaths, as water flow through rivers and oceans allow tears to flow through you. Tears of triumph cleansing your Soul and awakening your Spirit to a New Earth, a new life. Every day is a gift. Life is a gift.
Embrace the new cycle with this new moon and allow your entire being to bathe in waters. The moon affects the ocean tides. We humans, are 60% plus made of water … water is changeable, it reflects our intentions and brings forth our creativity.
This new moon invites us to stay connected to the currents of our inner beings – the cycles, laws of karma ( action and reaction) – trusting that everything has it’s natural flow. There is no coincidence as to why you are here Divine being, agent of light, the path unfolds…As we surrender to the moon and it’s many cycles – we remember there are many moons yet to come. The Earth keeps on spinning – transforming our darkest fears into tears of sorrow, love, joy and gratitude. After all we are miracles – we have been given a change to be here right now, to transform not only individually but also collectively. This is a pivot time on Planet Earth – your contribution is our glory.
The river continues to flow to unclog necessary tensions and feelings until the water reaches a state of purity. The bliss body.
By aligning with this new moon it washes away all of our insecurities but not by turning away from what it, but by staying in the moment with it’s truth and without any resistance or indulging – we simply accept, knowledge and forgive.
Bathing in the new moon light we surrender. We open the channels for new life – in light and in love.
Present. Aware :  We Welcome New Beginnings !
Affirmations can be so powerful – here is one for you today:
” As I allow the rays of light from my inner sun to shine through me – I am open to give and receive in equanimity. I connect with my original light within – I bathe in the glory of a thousand suns – I feel blessed and abundant and growing in this Divine light – I exist in it’s Highest form which is LOVE.”
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Optimal Health, Happiness and Yoga Retreat with Nathalie Croix : Discovering Your Best Self

Umbria, Italy, 2017

Optimal Health, Happiness and Yoga Retreat with Nathalie Croix

Discovering Your Best Self

Seven days of rejuvenation, adventures, new and old friends, fantastic food, in beautiful Umbria, Italy.

When: June 28 – July 5th

In this retreat we will have daily vinyasa yoga practice, guided runs and hikes, meditation, journaling and afternoon workshops : including chakra healing practices and how to align ourselves with a higher purpose to achieve the life of our dreams with our most authentic Self.

Finding Balance, Health and Happiness 



Do Yoga

Go For A  Long Run Or Hike,

Take A Cooking Lesson

A  fantastic week in a magnificent part of our Planet in which I am thrilled to explore with you!

A message from your retreat leader, Nathalie :

” Our retreat will include going deep into the journey of the Self with the highest S, through journaling, meditation and chakras workshops I will guide you into deeper layers of awareness tapping into higher frequencies to be awaken through y by you! 
The journey and path of Self discovery and transformation leads us to 
Universal Truth : Unity and Love ♥  Join Me! “
Who Can Come?
Anyone can come! Anyone who wants to embark on a fun adventure in Italy.
Yoga knowledge is not required.
Yoga practice during this retreat is optional and not mandatory.
We will have an expensive program for all likes!

Yoga Practitioners of All Levels Are Welcome

email : for more info and to register

* space is limited



Other activities will also be available throughout the week such as horse riding, cooking lessons , wine tasting, tours, massage, and more!

Nathalie focuses on prana flow, breath and alignment. 

Nathalie is a yoga teacher and trainer with a 200 and 300 Hours Yoga Alliance Registered training school and has led many adventure retreats around the world. Yoga teachers may use the time in the retreat as continuing education for their 200 and 300 Hours certifications with YACEP. (continuing education) – a certification for this program will be provided upon student’s requests.

For more information on Nathalie visit

Listen to Nathalie’s Podcast interview at RAW talk with Sheena HERE

Package Includes:

shared room
morning vinyasa yoga classes
afternoon workshops
meditation sessions
guided runs

Package price $975 Euros per person based on a double occupancy room

single occupancy available upon request and at an additional price

Airfare is not included

About Our Retreat Center : Caimeli


Set within the gentle hills of Umbria and touched by the scented winds of the Apennines, Caimeli is composed of a large manor house dating back to the 18th century and a smaller farmhouse. Each farmhouse is a mix of modern and traditional with a high degree of elegance and comfort. The interiors were renovated faithfully to reflect the Umbrian tradition of wooden beams and terracotta floors. Both, the villa and the guesthouse have wonderful views of the olive groves and the serene rolling hills of the plantation.

Villa Caimeli

The villa has been painstakingly restored to its original splendor of the 19th century. It is furnished according to the dictates of elegant sobriety, the choice of the terracotta floors, the warmth of the wood and the neutral colors of the interior all reflect the grandeur of the villa. The villa is composed of 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms which can accommodate 10 persons.

Casale Caimeli

This is an intimate and peaceful cottage on the property that has been fully restored to its original charm. The casale is composed of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and can accommodate 4 persons.

Yoga Studio
Indoor 65 sq. meter studio with a wooden floor.


Fully equipped kitchens with dishwasher
LCD TV with satellite,DVD
WII in Villa only
Washing machine
Central heating
Internet connection with WiFi

Organic garden

The Pleasures of a Caimeli Retreat  

Set amidst acres of olive trees and green mountains it is no surprise that most of our guests spend a large part of their experience outdoors.
We offer you a number of ways to soak up the natural beauty of this unforgettable location within our on site facilities
On the property we have an infinity swimming pool of
17 x 4 metres, and for the children a trampoline and balance lines.

Circumventing the property, we have hiking and running trails galore for the beginner to the experienced. For the indoor person we could entice you with individual cooking, language, or even yoga classes for your enjoyment all by appointment only.

The area around Caimeli is called “The Alte Tevere” which is stepped in history and culture. Caimeli has a myriad list of unique tours and adventures, which could provide you and your family the perfect opportunities to explore.

Whether its shopping, visiting hill top villages, or hiking through Monti Sibilini you are sure to find one of our many activities satisfying to your thirst for adventure, culture or even relaxation.


We will direct you to the prestigious luxury brands in our area; Prada in Montevarchi, Brunello Cucinelli in Solomeo, Unoaerre in Arezzo and Vestri in Arezzo. If it is antiques , then we can suggest a trip to the antique market in Arezzo (1st week of the month; Saturday and Sunday).

Cooking and Cheese making Classes

Why not spice up your holiday in Umbria by taking the opportunity to prepare some authentic, seasonal Italian dishes. We offer cooking and cheese making classes.

Wine Tour and Tasting

We can offer you a wine tour to the famous cellars of Montefalco; Paolo Bea, Tabarrini, and Scacciadiavoli or Montalcino; Avignonesi or Caparzo or even Montepulciano; Poliziano, or Salcheto.


There are many different walking paths and they all culminate back at Caimeli by the warmth of a lit fireplace and a bold glass of Montefalco red. Maps available


Mountain and Road Racing Bikes on request/availability.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding Center is located 20 minutes away for both English and Western style. They also organize excursions, trekking from 1 to 3 days, a riding school with certification and pony games.


Indoor and outdoor tennis courts are located in Umbertide. Lessons are also available by appointment.

By appointment only.

Cultural Tours

Whether you prefer the churches, museums or even Etruscan excavations we have all of it in Umbria. We can arrange tours based on your interest or we can suggest and create specific tours for you with a private driver.

Check Out Our Retreat Page HERE

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