Teacher Trainings 200 & 300 Hours Yoga Alliance Registered


Shanti Yoga Shala Presents:

 Teacher Training with Nathalie Croix And Special Guest Teachers

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* 200 & 300 Hours Yoga Alliance Registered *


Transform Your Life 

Yoga is transformational

awe are here to give you tools and support you along the way.

About our 200 Hours :


This training is perfect for students who wish to deepen their practice and or teach yoga.

You will complete the program with a 200 Hours certification – approved for registration with The Yoga Alliance International Registry.

In this course students will learn the importance of correct alignment and how this will affect longevity/ yoga as a life long practice.

We will cover yoga philosophy and history;  life style and how yoga can impact your life in a positive manner on a daily basis.

East meets West. We will honor and learn from traditional yoga paths and yet standing on the shoulders of the past we will look into new approaches and direction yoga has taken in modern day.

In a safe and comfortable environment students will learn hands on adjustments, modifications, how to approach injuries, how to create sequences, how to instruct and set up classes, the purpose of each asana (pose), meditation, pranayama, the importance of Sangha (community), Seva (giving back to the world) and much more.

Meditation is essential in life and we honor this great discipline in all our trainings. 

About our 300 Hours:

We meet over several weekends throughout the year to continue our studies of this magnificent practice in a more in depth format. We will discover the subtle body and chakras world in a fun learning environment ~ community centered program. Meditation and healing through life style and asana practice. Please email us at shantiyoganola@gmail.com to inquire about our advanced yoga training. 

Yoga teacher trainings are truly amazing and transformational.

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