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 Teacher Training with Nathalie Croix And Special Guest Teachers

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Training Is Scheduled

You will need a total of eight weekends to complete the training during Fall 2018.

Training meets Saturdays from 1:00-7:00PM and Sundays from 1:00-5:45PM

Fall 2018 – Open for enrollment now.

We are now taking new applications !

If you are interested in joining the training please text 310-435-6098 to schedule a phone call.

Check Out Our Frequently Asked Questions : 

  • What Is The Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training ?

The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training : is an in-depth yoga program in which participants deepen their yoga practice and enhance their lives by learning tools to live a more conscious life on and off the yoga mat. During our program students will learn how to break down yoga poses, create smart yoga sequences, meditate, learn history of yoga , how to apply yoga philosophy to our daily lives, hands on adjustments, student/teacher relationship, how to create a home practice, business of yoga, restoratives yoga, pre-natal yoga and much more! Please see curriculum on our training website for more details or email the studio with a 200 Hour inquiry.

  • Why Does Anyone Want To Enroll In A Yoga Teacher Training?

If you love yoga and meditation and you are concerned with not only bettering your life, but also sharing the love of yoga and enhancing the lives of others and our planet – a good yoga teacher training is highly recommended. Also if you love yoga and would like to deepen your yoga practice and learn the postures correctly with proper alignment, form and breath – enrolling in a yoga teacher training with a well qualified experienced instructor is highly recommended.

  • Who Qualifies ?

Anyone who has a sincere love for the practice of yoga. Anyone who has a sincere will to learn and grow. This program is available for yogis of all levels : beginners are also welcome. Come with an open mind and an open heart and we promise you an amazing / transformational and effective experience.

  • What Do I Get With The 200 Hour Teacher Training ?

Besides the many tools and healing techniques you will acquire to enhance life on Earth for life time, and deepening your own personal practice of yoga and meditation – You will also get an official 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training certificate, Yoga Alliance Registered, recognized internationally.

  • How Long Does It Take To Complete The Training?

We require you attend eight workshop/ training weekends. Our training also has an online component which includes videos, audios, podcasts, meditations and articles.

  • What Is The Experience Like?

Every day we meet the training beings with a workshop which will last one to three hours – It depends on the weekend and in which we will covers various aspects of yoga asana -the postures, the art of sequencing, pranayama (breath), and sometimes meditation. Following the practice students will have a short break. The afternoon session is to be continued with lectures and “labs”.

  • Who Is Your Lead Yoga Trainer ?

Nathalie Croix is E-RYT 500.

She has been teaching yoga for over almost twenty years and leading Shanti Yoga Trainings for the last five years, with over one hundred student graduates completing the program and many testimonials of how the training not provides tools for great yoga teaching, but also enhances all areas of life by promoting yoga on and off the mat.

Nathalie has lead and continues to lead many retreats in the US and abroad each year.

Having learned yoga in her early teens Nathalie took her first trip to India to study yoga at 20 years old, after having met one of her main teachers Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in the US during one of his world tours. During the next 10 years Nathalie continued to visit her teacher Sri K Pattabhi Jois in India as well as around the world to deepen her studies and understanding of the practice of yoga. She studied with Jois until the very last year he taught prior to his passing. Since than Nathalie had returned to the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore to study with his grandson Sharath Jois. In the West Nathalie has developed a steady practice with her now main teacher Annie Carpenter, who is one of the countries leading teachers today. Nathalie has an Undergrad in Dance Kinisiology. She attended College in the US with a scholarship in dance, after completing professional dance school, Studio Harmonique,  in Paris, France.

She is a registered yoga teacher at the highest level E-RYTs 500 and is also a YACEPs certified trainer for continuing education in the Yoga Alliance International Registry.

Her classes are rooted in traditional yoga and yet students are encouraged to practice at their own pace with the understanding that the practice is always changing in the belief in adapting the asana to the individual rather than the individual to the asana.

Nathalie has a daily meditation and yoga practice.

She believes teaching yoga is a blessing and that yoga is transformational – it  gives us the possibility of realizing our full potential while becoming the highest version of ourselves.

Yoga gives us the possibility of finding true health and happiness.

Through the practice of yoga we learn to love ourselves and from there we cannot help but love others and together up-raise the current vibration of our Planet and create a new Earth, hence a better world.

Nathalie is also a Life Coach and Energy Healer trained in Reiki and Channeled Healing. Book a session HERE.

She is the host of LIFE ON EARTH PODCAST, available on iTunes, Stitch, Podbean and all major podcast platforms.

Nathalie is the creator and designer of Aghora Crystals.

  • Training Method

Nathalie’s method is non-dogmatic, focuses on cultivating a long, healthy and happy yoga practice for practitioners of all levels. We focus on alignment, on smart and creative yoga sequences. Yoga is a practice of balance and equanimity.  Yoga happens on and off the mat. Through our trainings we create awareness for every day life by cultivation the many tools of yoga. Standing on the shoulders of the past, we respect tradition and history and yet we are open to new discoveries and evolution : knowing that the practice of yoga is ever evolving and growing.

We honor each student where they are.

Yoga is a practice of radical acceptance.

Schedule A Call :

If you have any questions or would like to speak with the lead trainer for a few minutes phone conversation please reach out to us using the contact form below. You can also email us directly at shantiyoganola@gmail.com Subject Line : Yoga Teacher Training or text 310-435-6098.

We hope to hear from you soon! We are honored to part-take on this special journey of the soul – body, mind and spirit together with you!

Here Are A Couple Recent Testimonial From Our Trainees :

” After attending my first few classes at Shanti and noticing their Yoga Teacher Training flyer, I immediately felt compelled to inquire about it. I have visited many different yoga studios and practiced with many different teachers, but there was something different here. The teachers, the teaching styles and sequences, the ambiance, all felt so authentic. There was an intimacy and cohesion unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before, that placed an emphasis on community. The community at Shanti is composed of people from all walks of life, who are all seeking a path of improvement through light, love, and peace. The sense of community completely solidified my desire to embark on the training.

Enrolling in the 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training was undoubtedly one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made. It has taught me so much about the practice that goes way deeper than just the asanas or poses. The poses simply open up a window for growth that allows you to connect, on a much more profound level, with the universe and those around you, but the training takes you on a journey of self-exploration, self-love, and self-healing. It teaches you how to be open to change, and how to practice radical acceptance. It walks you through the history, philosophy, ancient wisdom, and eight limbs of yoga. It offers thorough workshops that breakdown the poses in remarkable detail, visits from incredibly impressive doctors, healers, and teachers, special events such as small concerts, shamanic circles, and journaling sessions, just to name a few. It gives you the tools to learn how to understand the needs of your students by reading their bodies, and how to safely teach them what they need.

I have learned so much about myself, my body, and my yoga practice. I have learned how to use my body as a vessel to share this incredible practice with others. The training teaches you how to shift your awareness inward to understand the importance of self-inquiry, and ask the right questions on how to use your experiences, on and off the mat, to teach yoga as efficiently and mindfully as possible, how to make the world you live in a better place, how to honor yourself and those around you, and most importantly – how to make the practice one that invites transformation of the mind, body, and spirit for all. ” – Daniele Fischer

" My experience at Shanti Yoga Shala is very difficult to put into words because it literally changed my life. 
First of all, the way the opportunity to come train at the Shala was the perfect way to start what would be a beautiful journey.
I was looking for teacher trainings in the New Orleans area and I happened to come across a Vinyasa Teacher Training. which was exactly what I was looking for. At the moment I was in Panama (where I am from) and I immediately called Nathalie to book a spot and the training happened to be full. Luckily for me we had an immediate connection (over the phone!!) and she promised that if someone cancelled she would call me right away and because the Universe works in wonderful ways that is exactly what happened next.The day she called to let me know someone had cancelled was probably the happiest day of 2014!!
After that things just got better.
In a short period of 5 months my life changed. I had turned around the way I practiced, I had learned more than in the past 3 years of college, I was able to begin teaching in the beautiful space, and I became part of an amazing family , the Shanti Yoga Love Warriors. 
Nathalie and the whole Shanti Yoga Family are definitely a blessing and they were put in my way to help me grow and blossom.
The Shala became my second home while I was in New Orleans and I miss it every single day.I recommend coming to practice here and I definitely recommend taking the Teacher Training if you wish to deepen your practice and/or teach.
As I said before, my experience at Shanti changed my life and I am infinitely grateful <3 Namaste,
Aurora Brenes " 

About The 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training :

  • What Is The Yoga 300 Hour Teacher Training ?

The 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is a professional training for anyone who has a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification.

  • Why Does Anyone Want To Enroll In A 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

Anyone who wants to continue learning and deepening their practice is an ideal candidate for a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. This is an amazing training for 200 Hour graduates who are starting to teach and want more guidance and also for anyone who has been teaching for many years. This training is ideal for anyone who would like to perhaps open a yoga studio someday or become a yoga teacher trainer.

  • Who Qualifies ? 

Anyone with a a 200 Hour Teacher Training certificate.

  • How Long Does It Take To Complete The 300 Hour Yoga Training?

It is up to you ! We currently have three formats for the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. Our training also has an online component which includes videos, audios, podcasts, meditations and articles. Schedule a call for more details.

  • What Do I get With The 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training ?

A 300 Hour Yoga certification, Yoga Alliance Registered, Internationally recognized certificate. The ability to hold trainings and become a yoga teacher trainer. A much more in depth knowledge on how to open and run a yoga studio. Deeper levels of awareness of the subtle body and chakra system.

  • Schedule A Call :

If you have any questions or would like to speak with the lead trainer for a few minutes phone conversation please reach out to us via email shantiyoganola@gmail.com Subject Line : Yoga Teacher Training or text 310-435-6098 –

We hope to hear from you soon! We are honored to part-take on this special journey of the soul – body, mind and spirit together with you!

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* 200 & 300 Hours Yoga Alliance Registered *

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