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nathalie croix's painting of ganesh from india

I teach an intuitive vinyasa krama yoga class, with special awareness on sequencing. In my classes students work on both flexibility and strength, as well as the cultivation of prana shakti. Moving energy through the body by not only working the physical aspects of the practice but also by connecting with the subtle body and finding stillness in motion.


Shanti Yoga Shala :  is a boutique Vinyasa Yoga Studio located in the beautiful historic Garden District of New Orleans.

With it’s pristine gardens and Southern charm, The Garden District certainly stands out as one of the country’s most lovely neighborhoods, and a popular destination for visitors. Shanti Yoga Shala resides in a classical  shot gun historical Victorian house.  This century old Victorian home has just been renovated providing an intimate feeling for our local yoga community, as well as visitors.

Our yoga teachers are mostly trained in Los Angeles, California, and in India – in Vinyasa Yoga style.

Shanti Yoga Shala : 3528 Magazine St, New Orleans, 70115

We are located between Napoleon Av and Louisiana.  Our cross street is Foucher St. We have plenty of street parking. Open seven days a week. 

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Nathalie’s Yoga Class Schedule


12:00-1:00PM  SmartFLOW  ( All Levels )

NBA Pelicans Training

3:00-4:15PM    Private Yoga Session Upon Request


3:00-4:30PM   Private Yoga Session Upon Request

7:00-8:00PM  Vinyasa Yoga  (All Levels)


Upon Special Request


Upon Special Request


12:00-1:00PM   SmartFLOW Yoga (All Levels)

3:00-4:30PM   Private Yoga Session

5:30-8:00PM Teacher Training


Private Yoga Sessions Upon Request

1:00-3:00PM   Workshops

1:00-7:00PM Teacher Training (On TT Weekends)


11:30-1:00PM Workshops

11:30-5:45PM Teacher Training (On TT Weekends)

* To schedule a private yoga session with Nathalie please email  / other times are available for privates

To help deepen your practice, we also offer customized private yoga classes taught on locations such as movie sets, music and yoga festivals, sporting events, or at our studio.  Year long we offer  yoga retreats, workshops, a 200 and a 300 hours yoga alliance registered yoga teacher training.

For questions or scheduling please email

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