2013 THANK YOU & All YOU in It! Many Miracles. A Letter to Friends, Yoga Community, Shanti Yoga Shala and Myself

In 2013 there were many miracles and some daily small deaths.

I saw an abandoned malnourished horse who went from a slaughter house to finding a home (after much abuse in between) gain weight, re-discover his self esteem through pure love and compassion from people around him. I saw a little dog who was on death row find and bring so much joy to a new family and go from a chained broken spirit to a confident brave mini lion spreading happiness and love everywhere he goes. As a result:  I get to be lucky and see them almost every day. There is the family you are born into, the family you choose and the ones you find to join you along the way ;)
I poured my heart and soul into my work to see planted seeds blossom throughout the entire year affecting many people and uplifting a community, which brought tears to my eyes and fired my heart. There were times I felt overwhelmed this year, but I had the yoga and my animal to keep me grounded, as well as a team of wonderful individuals who helped me the entire year. They each played an important role, they continue to help me – you know who you are – and I mean our studio’s staff and students equally. We had and have some incredible people come through this year. Please know that I never take anyone or anything for granted and I truly love our Shanti Yoga Shala Team and Community. I know sometimes I don’t praise enough but know that in my heart I see each and every one of you and I am grateful. You are all special and there wasn’t one day this year which I was not grateful for your individual talents and how much I know deep down that without each and everyone of you the studio, the Shala, wouldn’t be the same. My life wouldn’t be the same. A while ago, shortly after Shanti was born, I understood perhaps through a series of realizations, that Shanti doesn’t belong to me. It never did. I belongs to our community, it belongs to the people in it. It belongs to each and everyone of you. Each day I enter the studio, I leave feeling better than when I arrived. Your Spirit is what makes Shanti  the warm special place it is today. I am inspired by you.  I am one of the many navigators helping the ship run it’s course and follow it’s destiny wherever that may take us and for however much long. But even a slight amount of time can be an eternity. It will grow and keep growing until there is a wish, a desire, and a need. We are peace warriors.
However, there is nothing more powerful and fulfilling than seeing your dreams come true and a vision manifest, for this I am grateful at each moment. Yet, I don’t feel I achieved anything, because in our world, the minute you “achieve” you know you lost it already, so I never want and never will be complacent, because it doesn’t exist. There is always more. I do not know where the journey takes us, nor if there will ever be an end, but I do know there is a journey being taken and I am thrilled to part take in it together with you.

On a personal level I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and there is a need to soften, to ease up but that is part of my growth process here on Earth.

On a personal level there is much work; there are many seeds I have planted throughout my life for learning and growth, such as reading more books, my relationship with animals, with horsemanship, nature, surfing the oceans, skiing the mountains, choreography, music, training the body instrument, exercising the brain, more acceptance with friendships, with family, raising more awareness foremost to my own self in matters of world poverty, interracial conflicts, the complicated and delicate understanding of peace; internal peace and world peace; daily human struggles – the struggles we all have which create separation. More compassion and empathy so that I can be more of service. Deepening my practice of meditation and yoga in general, my understanding that we are all ONE and that there is no separation. Cultivating the Spirit and manifestation of energy is various forms through our thoughts, actions, prayers, words, connections, the company we keep. I am interested in being more of service for organizations I am currently involved in such as Yoga Stops Traffick (Odanadi) ,  Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) , Audubon Nature Institute, The International House of Blues Foundation, New Orleans Ballet Association, and perhaps one day create our own non-profit / another vision ;) … The list goes on and on because is never ending.
I pray to never stop being curious and fascinated, because if I ever do stop, than I know there would be stagnation of the soul.
In my heart, I carry the teachers I have in my life and all the past ones I have had. For you I have nothing but love and immense gratitude.In my heart I carry the love I feel from and for my family.
As a teacher myself, I feel,  my only job is to help my students become a better version of themselves.
Also to be of service to a higher power.

It is a blessing to do what you love. If you are like me, never ever take it for granted, if you are reading this; much love for allowing me to share my hopes, goals, conflicts, and dreams with you and for supporting me along the way.  I Wish You and Your Loved Ones a Very Happy New Year!
May the new year be full of health, love, peace, happiness, growth, learnings and fun!May your inner child never grow old.Don’t ever stop being curious and fascinated!

Life is a miracle and you are in it!



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